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The care required for colored gemstones varies with each beautiful piece. Safekeeping begins with their wearing: Always put them on last and take them off first. Avoid all chemicals and cosmetics (including perfume and hair spray); intense exposure to heat, light, or quick temperature changes; and any physical activities that may damage the stones.

When not in use, colored gemstones should be stored separately, in a soft pouch.

The safest way to clean any colored gemstone is with a soft, slightly moistened cloth. Stronger methods may be acceptable for certain stones, depending on what they are and how/if they have been set or enhanced. But, these approaches should only be considered with care and in consultation with a professional jeweler. A jeweler should also check each gemstone mounting on a regular basis.

With proper care, your silver will retain its beauty and character for many generations to come.

Sterling silver tarnishes, especially when exposed to salt air and products containing sulfur, such as rubber bands and some papers. However, silver that is regularly used typically needs less care.

Use a good quality silver polish. Some "dip" polishes contain harsh chemicals and should be avoided. Electrolytic cleaning (aluminum foil, salt and baking soda in a water base) is not recommended.

Begin by using a soft cloth or sponge to apply the polish. Rub each piece gently but firmly lengthwise, using straight, even strokes. You may use a small brush (like a toothbrush with natural bristles) for decorative trim or borders. Wash in sudsy water, being sure to remove all the polish. Rinse well in warm water, dry thoroughly and buff gently with a soft cloth.

Tiffany only uses sterling silver, one of the most beautiful and lustrous of all metals. With proper care, your silver will retain its beauty and character for many generations to come.

Special Considerations

An "oxidized" finish is the deliberate blackening of crevices in the ornamentation of a silver object to make its decorative details stand out more clearly. Take care as this finish can be removed by overzealous cleaning and polishing.

Storing Silver

Once cleaned and polished, silver must be kept dry and properly stored.

Between professional servicing, most gold and platinum jewelry can be maintained with a non-abrasive cleaner. Examine your jewelry regularly to make sure settings are snug and clasps and joinings are secure.

Avoid exposing gold jewelry to household bleach, which will quickly cause gold to discolor and possibly disintegrate.

Jewelry storage is important as well.



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