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Company Ethos

At Beadspoint, we believe in handcrafted. In the digital age, perhaps this is a radical idea. But we remain committed to supporting anyone who has ever picked up a piece of metal and made something wearable. We exist to support the bench jeweler, the jewelry designer, the retail jeweler and the jewelry manufacturer.

We stand for makers who create with their hands and their hearts and who are courageous enough to make jewelry their livelihood. Beadspoint has a history of delivering products and services in a reliable and customer-friendly manner. We believe that these same attributes can guide us as we strive to create a culture that builds on our heritage while incorporating the latest technology and concepts into our future conservation initiatives.

Over the years we have kept our focus on quality and design. We keep our eye on current trends but always strive to create classic designs that will stand the test of time. We strive to create designs that will inspire you to fully realize your own artistic visions. We make sure everything we do is through the lens of humanity – from our commitment to the highest quality products, to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business responsibly.

We do this by aiming to offer the best selection of products, fast delivery, incredible customer service, plus an enjoyable and easy-to-navigate shopping experience. We're always looking for new ways to wow, surprise and delight our customers.

From our manufacturing in (India, Thailand & Indonesia), administrative (New York) & fulfillment headquarters (Dallas), we provide JUST IN TIME delivery of our exciting products to over 15000 jewelry professionals throughout the world.

  • Long History of Experience ~ Son and grandson of old world cutters., we are a third generation family owned company involved in cutting and refining the finest Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones , Beads, Chains, and Jewelry Findings. Let our treasures dazzle you!
  • Fresh Inspiring Products ~ Our continuously evolving collection provides you with the freshest ideas and most uniquely designed components to spark inspiration and help you do what you do best; Create!
  • Most Affordable Pricing ~ Your bottom line is important to us. From procuring & importing the rough material directly from miners in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand & Africa and precious metals from banks, almost all of our products are cut, polished, refined & handcrafted in our own workshop in Jaipur & Thailand, enabling us to cut all sort of "Middleman" and pass the savings directly on to you!
  • We Live Here Too ~ with a U.S. fulfillment center in Dallas, TX, you enjoy faster shipping, dedicated support staff, personalized attention and quick response time; uncompromising service and 100% money back guarantee!
  • Super Fast Processing Time ~ Orders are almost always processed within 24 hours with tracking information emailed immediately, so you know your beautiful new products will arrive as quickly as possible (We know you can't WAIT to get them)!

We do this by aiming to offer the best selection of products, fast delivery, incredible customer service, plus an enjoyable and easy-to-navigate shopping experience. We're always looking for new ways to wow, surprise and delight our customers.

Our Culture – One Team

What if your job was more than just a job?
What if your coworkers brought out the extraordinary in you?
What if you worked at beadspoint?

At beadspoint, every day is different from the next. It's what keeps us on our toes and constantly moving ahead. And we've grown tremendously in our short — but incredible — history. To become such a dynamic force in the e-commerce world, we had to think smarter, dream bigger and work harder. That's why we've assembled an energetic team of gutsy, driven and creative employees who are virtually unstoppable. No clock watchers, just hard workers with an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit. Our passion is as infectious now as it was when we first started. So whether we're launching a a new product, new site or competing in a creative contest, we truly give it our all.

Step into our office and you'll find beadspoint really does have something different. We thrive in an open work environment, never content with the status quo & where thinking big & creative is a way of life.

Beadspoint and our group of affiliated companies have always been, and will continue to be, committed to conducting all phases of our operations in the most ethically, environmentally and socially responsible manner possible.

We do not take this statement lightly and have made the elimination of waste in all aspects of our operations an integral part of our business strategy. We recognize that increasing awareness, new ideas and innovations will require us to adapt and continuously improve our environmental impact.

To us, sustainability is an essential idea that means contributing to a new way of thinking and acting that considers the wellbeing of our planet, our communities, and our individual paths. Beadspoint’s ethos is living consciously, turning design and creativity into a way of life.

Our Customers too, are part of our community. It is with our customer’s help that we are cultivating a more humane jewelry industry, one stunning piece at a time



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